The mid­wifery con­gress will be accom­pa­nied by an Indus­tri­al Exhi­bi­tion.
Present and posi­tion your com­pa­ny at the mid­wifery congress.

Min­i­mum stand area:   4 m²
Price per m2:   CHF 398.00 — CHF 430.00 excl. 7.7% VAT.

Spe­cial price inquiry via e‑mail to BV Con­gress Cre­at­ing GmbH.  
Stands will be allo­cat­ed accord­ing to avail­abil­i­ty at the end of March 2022.

Basic Infor­ma­tion
Please note that you rent the emp­ty stand area with­out furniture/partition walls.

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Stand reg­is­tra­tions must be made via the Internet.

Before log­ging in, you must reg­is­ter as a com­pa­ny, user­name and pass­word can be cho­sen; please do not use spe­cial characters.
Please note that you will not be able to access the stand reser­va­tion with­out reg­is­tra­tion data.

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Stand Reg­is­tra­tion – First come – First served
from 26 Octo­bre 2021, 09:00 Hrs

Online Stand Registration
You will find the LOGIN-LINK at the end of this text
Please read this sec­tion before you start your reser­va­tion. Thank you.

Pro­ce­dure: By click­ing on “Login Stand Reg­is­tra­tion” (at the bot­tom of the page) you log in with your user name and pass­word. Select your desired stand by click­ing on the stand num­ber in the list (not on the plan).

Then please fill out the reg­is­tra­tion form completely.

Please note: It is pos­si­ble that short­ly after the log-in open­ing time all stands are occu­pied. How­ev­er, this ful­ly booked sit­u­a­tion may change every minute, stands will be released and are there­fore avail­able again.

If you can­not find a stand that meets your require­ments, we ask you to reserve a sec­ond or third choice stand. Please indi­cate your spe­cif­ic wish­es under the item Comments.

If there is no more space avail­able for a stand of your desired size, please send us an email, spec­i­fy­ing the min­i­mum and max­i­mum size as well as at least 3 stand loca­tions accord­ing to priority.

We are always eager to meet your wish­es as much as possible.

Brief descrip­tion of stand registration:
Select stand — Con­firm reser­va­tion — Fill out form -
Send reser­va­tion

>Login Stand Reg­is­tra­tion (from 26 Octo­bre 2021, 09:00 Hrs)

For infor­ma­tion please con­tact the Exhi­bi­tion Management:

BV Con­gress Cre­at­ing GmbH
Indus­tries­trasse 37
CH-8625 Gossau
T +41 (0)44 683 14 84